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To say I am pissed off with all things technological today is an understatement.

Last July, I had a hard drive disaster, and lost the entire Cambridge magazine that was at the final page proof stage, meaning I had to start again from scratch.

Thanks to copying glitches, when I cloned my older machine onto the replaced hard drive – the only way I could get Quark XPress onto it without paying for an entire new version as the old installation disks were non-OSX-friendly and I'd had an online upgrade since then – Quark didn't work and I had to have a forced upgrade to Quark 7. Either this (or Leopard) wouldn't recognise the magazine's main body copy fonts, so I ended up having to put the pages together on the very flaky old machine that should really have been put out to pasture in August 2007.

That machine now appears to have given up the ghost entirely. I'm in Cambridge today and one of the IT boys is trying very hard to dig the file off the hard drive, but isn't having much success, and I'm not entirely hopeful.

At least this time all the text and photos are on the hard drive of my new machine, and also on a flash drive that I was using to transfer them between the two. Unfortunately, I had failed to take the precaution of dropping the work-in-progress pages back on the flash drive. So I now have to start laying them out again from scratch.

About half the pages were fully done and subbed, and I do have printouts of them all. However, the font problem that forced me to do the pages on the old machine in the first place is still there. So I'm going to have to find a similar font that does work, remake all the templates and, of course, re-sub everything when I import the copy because it won't fit any more.

Pissed off = understatement.

Doesn't help that I was already really pushed for time to get all that and the other work I need to get done before going away for a week on Tuesday night. I think the magazine will probably now be Very Very Late.

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