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If the knock on the door from a young Eastern European lad wearing a Red Cross hi-vis vest thingy is anything to go by, the bloody chuggers are now going door-to-door.

As if it weren't bad enough having to dodge them in the street.


Feb. 13th, 2009 04:16 pm
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Just opened the gas bill. An astonishing £392.56 for 86 days.

I know we had the heating on quite a lot, but that's boggling........
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Bad day to be a Premiership manager. First Tony Adams got the boot, now Scolari.

The lack of patience of chairmen and boards is astonishing. Bet Chelsea are rueing the day they got rid of Mourinho. It's an impossible job.
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Fish & chips crisps: smell of vinegar; taste of Scampi Fries. Not at all unpleasant.
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We're going to see BB King & John Mayall at Wembley Arena at the end of June. Hurrah!

More snow!

Feb. 2nd, 2009 10:57 am
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The cat took one look at the snow and belted straight back inside. Very sensible.

And it's still snowing. And T's still going nowhere on a plane at Heathrow. I had toyed with the idea of going to Cambridge today – until I saw the weather forecast, of course. Staying home much the most sensible option.

And now... some photos...

There's a BMW under there somewhere!

And a garden under there...
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My lovely hubby is in bed with the lurgie. Seems very much like food poisoning, except we can't work out what he ate last night at bro Simon's 40th party that I didn't. Poor boy is feeling rubbish. Doesn't help that he's off to the US yet again in the morning – Miami this time – and he would rather not be wasting the day lying in bed feeling like crap. I'd rather he wasn't, too. Hopefully he'll be feeling better by this afternoon.
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My cat appears to have decided she likes cold tea.
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A post from my blackberry...

Bored at a conference. Best job title of the day: senior business evangelist, life sciences.

Shame he appears only to be on the panel cos his company's sponsoring the conference - he's rather out of his depth subject-wise...
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Today's bizarre press release... whatever next? (OK, it was actually last Thursday but I've been ignoring my press release folder!) At least it's only a two-day promotional event for dog food. How long before someone thinks there's money to be made from the concept?

Boston's First Restaurant For Dogs Opens on Newbury Street

Canine Can-Noisseurs Invited To Enjoy A 'Dog's Night Out' At The ALPO(R) Chop
House Originals(R) Grill

BOSTON, Nov. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Imagine a restaurant where eating on all fours
is expected, drooling over your food is encouraged, and hugs and kisses are the
only forms of payment accepted. This is not your average dining establishment,
but then again, these are not your average patrons. Boston welcomes a new
breed of diner at the city's first restaurant for dogs, the ALPO Chop House
Originals Grill. No jackets are required at the Grill, where dogs can relax,
put their paws up and just be dogs.

The pop-up pooch restaurant, which is located at 167 Newbury Street, will be
open for two days only on Thursday, Nov. 13 and Friday, Nov. 14 from 3:00 --
8:00 p.m. each day. The Grill is free to the dog-owning public on a first
come, first served basis.

"During the season of giving, what better way for Boston dog owners to show
their four-legged friends how much they love them than by taking them out for a
delicious, mouth-watering meal," said Red Sox Hall of Famer and dog lover
Carlton Fisk, who will be serving pooch patrons at the ALPO Chop House
Originals Grill. "Our dogs are truly our best friends and there's nothing they
deserve more than a fun night out with other canine 'can-noisseurs' at the
hottest new restaurant in town."

To celebrate the season of giving, Purina ALPO is making a donation to
Boston-area shelters on behalf of all the dinners served. Fisk will be
welcoming dogs and serving them delicious dinners from 3:00-5:00 p.m. on
Thursday, Nov. 13.

Doggie diners will lick their lips and beg for more as they sample the Grill
special: ALPO(R) Chop House Originals(R) Filet Mignon Flavor made with Angus
beef. In addition to Fisk, local Boston dog-owning VIPs will greet and serve
the pooch patrons who will be seated at rustic wooden tables with dog-themed
place settings and menus. Additional activities at the Grill include a photo
booth where dogs can get their pictures taken with their owners and a special
visit by adoptable dogs from Mass Paws, a local rescue organization. And, of
course, every dog will take home a complimentary Doggie Bag with tomorrow's
mouth-watering dinner.

"This is one occasion when dogs deserve to have a seat at the table," said
Sheridan Budin, assistant brand manager for ALPO. "The ALPO Chop House
Originals Grill caters to everyday dogs for whom dinnertime is the highlight of
their day. We invite all Boston-area dogs to come out for a memorable meal and
a doggone good time."

According to Budin, doggie diners at the ALPO Chop House Originals Grill can
not only relish their mouth-watering meals, but also feel good because their
dining experience will help other dogs in need. ALPO is making an $8,000
donation to Boston-area shelters on behalf of all the dinners served.

Millions of dogs enjoy the delicious, meaty taste of ALPO which includes a full
line of great-tasting, nutritious formulas for the real meat lover in the
family. ALPO Chop House Originals provides dogs with restaurant-inspired
real-meat flavors with seven meaty choices including: Filet Mignon, Top
Sirloin, Rib Eye, Prime Rib, New York Strip, Pork Tenderloin, and Roasted

Visit to learn more about ALPO Chop House Originals and the entire
line of ALPO products.

About Nestle Purina PetCare Company

ALPO is manufactured by Nestle Purina PetCare Company, one of the leading
global players in the pet care industry. Nestle Purina promotes responsible
pet care, humane education, community involvement and the positive bond between
people and their pets. The North American headquarters for Nestle Purina
PetCare is located at Checkerboard Square in St. Louis, Missouri, where Ralston
Purina was founded more than a century ago. The company is part of the
Swiss-based Nestle S.A. -- the world's largest food company.

Source: Nestle Purina PetCare Company
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Today's observation:

The bottom of an un-stirred Lemsip is both very sweet and very bitter at the same time.

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While I was driving back from Tesco's just now, Stuart Maconie on Radio 2 played 'Silver Star' by the Four Seasons. Can't think when I last heard it. But it brings back one of those odd childhood memories – the first music magazine I ever bought, back in in early 1976 when I was all of 8 years old – and still living in Newcastle. Can't for the life of me remember what it was called but I clearly remember that it focused largely on song lyrics, and that was the only copy of it I ever bought. And that song was in there.

So my brain started listing the other songs I could remember being in there – 'Lying in the arms of Mary' by Sutherland Brothers & Quiver, 'Let your love flow' by the Bellamy Brothers, 'Fool to cry' by the Rolling Stones, and then I got stuck.

I'm now back home, and in the Popmaster quiz he's just played Fool to cry.

I await SB&Q being played later...

In other news, we have a new toaster. About six years ago, the toaster nearly burnt the house down by failing to turn itself off when making ex-lodger Diane's breakfast while she was in the shower (thank goodness for smoke alarms!). At the weekend, its replacement also decided that turning itself off was optional. No messing this time - I ran mad and we now have a lovely Dualit one, which relies on a mechanical timer rather than fancy electronics to tell it when to stop toasting. I hope this will prevent future conflagration.
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Another day, another barmy press release. How to fix the global economy - get yer tits out.

Hooters Announces 'I've Got Your Stimulus Package'

LOUISVILLE, Ky., Oct. 29 -- The R.M.D. Corp franchise group's Hooters Restaurants located throughout IN, KY, OH and TN are pleased to announce the unanimous passage of the so-called Hooters Economic Stimulus Package, a bail out plan that promises $1 Domestic Drafts All Day, Every Day beginning November 1, 2008 for all people (21 years of age or over), regardless of their current or future tax bracket.

In an unprecedented display of bipartisan cooperation, Hooters Girls reached across the aisle, working with their beloved regulars to pass a stimulus package that is not only cold and refreshing, but also fiscally responsible and undeniably patriotic. Jess the Hooters Girl was proud to achieve consensus: "$1 drafts will free up some cash in your budget for more critical needs, like the 2009 Hooters Swimsuit Calendar." Preliminary poll results indicate strong public support, particularly among independent and undecided swing state voters.

So, in the spirit and tradition of American ingenuity, Hooters encourages the residents of both Main Street and Wall Street to come together and support our economic recovery by visiting an RMD/Hooters Restaurant in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee to enjoy $1.00 Domestic Drafts, All Day, Every Day. We may not be able to solve the subprime mortgage and credit default swap crisis, but when it comes to cold beer and hot wings, we've got you covered!

About Hooters

The first Hooters opened in 1983 in Clearwater, FL and is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Hooters is well-known for its brand of food and fun, featuring a casual beach-theme atmosphere, a menu that features seafood, sandwiches and Hooters nearly world famous chicken wings, and service provided by the All-American cheerleaders, the Hooters Girl. For more information about Hooters located in IN, KY, OH and TN visit .
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Ah, those spammers. Would have thought this one's a bit specialist to get much of a positive response from...

Dear Sir or Madam,

We learned from the internet that you might need plastic injection mold/die
casting mold, this happens to coincide with our business activities.

As a professional mold manufacturer at Shenzhen, China, Sinic Ltd. provides you
high quality molds at a competitive price, we believe that buying molds from
Sinic Ltd. means reduction in cost and enhancement in competitiveness.

We are willing to establish business relations with you and a quotation will be
sent to you as soon as we receive your specific inquiry.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Very Truly Yours,


Sinic Mould Co., Ltd.
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A very brief boggle at the anachronisms in 'Merlin' (which may well pass everyone reading this other than [ profile] stu_n, [ profile] tyrell and [ profile] pixylatedpyxie by) – we're watching an hour or two behind thanks to the joys of Sky+, but apparently in Saxon times they had three-necked flasks with ground glass joints. There's even a rather fetching B29 ground glass stopper in the central neck.

I'm impressed.

Nice mediaeval-looking glass windows, too.

I will attempt to watch the rest with a less picky eye. I may fail.
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The lovely Andrew at has posted an Omnivore's Hundred list of 100 things he thinks every good omnivore should try at least once in their life. And my score is... 61/100. My comments in italics.

Under the cut )
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The latest Amazon purchasing suggestion, based on what I've had off them in the past.

As someone who has purchased or rated music by King, you might like to know that Linley II - The Song of Moses; Let God Arise will be released on 28 July 2008.  You can pre-order yours for just £6.99 by following the link below.

Linley II - The Song of Moses; Let God Arise
Holst Singers
Price: £6.99

Release Date: 28 July 2008

One of the soloists, it transpires, has the surname King.

And the King I've purchased on Amazon in the past?

A particularly fine Elvis impersonator, who styles himself The King, does covers of hits by other dead people, and released albums entitled 'Gravelands' and 'Return to splendour'!
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It's not quite five things that irrationally irritate me (as [ profile] burge has been listing most eloquently) but it is one...

MIracle Gro Organic plant food. It's 100% chemical free, they say.


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There is something more than a little depressing about doing exactly the same work you've already done once this week, and thought you'd finished.

It's even worse when you have to re-do the page containing the obituary of the very lovely 47 year old lecturer who was killed in a car accident in April. It was difficult enough the first time.


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