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I now need to go and find stuff to put on my cat!
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I've spent much of my birthday nibbling my fingernails, thanks to the England cricket team. Exciting is an understatement. I was absolutely convinced we were going to throw it away. What is it about chasing small totals that's so difficult? I'm sure we'd've made much less of a meal of it than if we'd had to score 250.

But anyway. We won. Huzzah.

I wasn't the only one who could barely watch... this is what my cat was doing during the final couple of overs when Hoggard and Giles were scoring the final runs in yet another tense finish.

[ profile] 1phish2phish, did you stay up for it, or did you chicken out?!
sarahx: (Default) idea where she'd been but the little tinker was curled up in her current favourite sleeping place - on the table in the garden - when I went to hang the laundry out just now. Phew. However, she's yowling away at me from the cat box and I'm quite sure I'll be in her bad books for days.

Time to go and spend a pigging fortune at the vet's.

On a random note: am I really very sad for quite liking Charlotte Church's single?!
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My cat is psychic. She's going to the vets for her vaccinations this afternoon. And she went AWOL before I got chance to lock her in. Better flippin' turn up before 3pm...

Of course yesterday when I was trying to excavate my Financial Times mountain she wanted to sit on the papers to help me read them. Can't win, can I?


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