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A very brief update - because I left the power lead for my laptop in London and don't have much battery left I'm stranded on my mum's dodgy old PC and dialup and LJ appears to have started crashing the geriatric version of Exploder on there.

However... bloody hell, we won the Ashes. I still think I'm dreaming. I got very nervous when we lost wickets before lunch and then Kevin Pietersen started hitting out, but it proved to be an extraordinary innings to end an amazing summer's cricket. Yay.

I'm now drinking Australian pseudo-champagne in celebration. It seems very, very rude not to.
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I've spent much of my birthday nibbling my fingernails, thanks to the England cricket team. Exciting is an understatement. I was absolutely convinced we were going to throw it away. What is it about chasing small totals that's so difficult? I'm sure we'd've made much less of a meal of it than if we'd had to score 250.

But anyway. We won. Huzzah.

I wasn't the only one who could barely watch... this is what my cat was doing during the final couple of overs when Hoggard and Giles were scoring the final runs in yet another tense finish.

[ profile] 1phish2phish, did you stay up for it, or did you chicken out?!
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Just got back from Manchester. Seemed rude not to get up at 5.30 to drive across from Sheffield to see the last day.

Desperately exciting. Proper update tomorrow when I'm less knackered - but, [ profile] 1phish2phish, your bunnies done good in the last four overs!!
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I'm supposed to be working. Was writing with the cricket on in the background. It got steadily more exciting, and I gave up on the pretence of working when the Aussies needed about 20 to win. It's difficult to type while you're chewing your fingernails.

And bloody hell, we won by 2 runs!! Doesn't get much closer than that.

Can't wait for Thursday now. Old Trafford, Manchester. I'll be there!


Jun. 13th, 2005 08:09 pm
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To say we stuffed the Aussies is an understatement.

Worth every penny of the SkySports subscription.

May go and get dressed in celebration.


Jun. 4th, 2005 12:39 pm
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In Cambridge, working (boo). While listening to the cricket (hurrah). Go Thorpey.

Taken a few minutes off to drink tea and read the Sun. And, apparently Paris Hilton has two engagement rings because she can't choose between them.

One has a 24ct canary yellow diamond, and the other a 'more subtle' 15 carat white one.

On what planet can a 15ct diamond ever be considered even remotely subtle?!


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