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...just for a change, eh?!

So, where was I? erm. Lost track. At my mum's and on dialup and on the sofa (therefore not attached to phone line) so I can't check. So I'll guess. I think the last update involved Prestonian toilets. So...

So. Had a fairly chilled day on Tuesday (having lost track of the days, that was the day after Boxing day, right?!). Absolutely no idea what I did other than went to Sainsbury's and cooked dinner for my mum. Oh, and, met up with Adrian (the ex, also up staying with his mum) in the Banner Cross (my mum's local) for a couple of drinks and the pub quiz. Yesterday wandered into town with my mum, vaguely wandered round the sales and didn't buy much as there wasn't much that grabbed my attention, and then there was footy in the evening (and we failed to score for the seventh match in a row, woooo).

I had been undecided what my plan was from today onwards. I was either going to drive back home this morning and forego the delights of Turf Moor (Burnley, for non-footy-types) on New Year's Eve, or stay in Sheff, overdose on shit football, and wander home after our home game against Crewe on 2 Jan. Apathy set in: I'm still in Sheffield. And I now (three felines aside) have the house to myself – mother has gone down to Billericay to stay with bro Simon (aka [ profile] the_rauncher, who, given a minor miracle, may one day add a journal entry!!). I dropped her off at Sheffield station at 9am. My car hadn't been moved since the couple of inches of snow we had the other day, and it had frozen solid. Took 10 minutes to clear. And the car claimed it was –5°C. Brrrrrrrrr. Came home via the sale at CCC (new skiing jacket, thin layering fleece, set of top-and-bottom thermals and yet another pair of thermal gloves cos I keep doing stupid things like leaving them on the train - £70, bargain) and after lunch at my dad's I spent the day work avoiding. Yay. Then met (step)sister Helen and her hubby Ian in the Hammer & Pincers for a drink or three – and walked home. Only a mile-and-a-half. But it's all downhill (some of it quite steep…), so not too painful!

And now I'm sat on the sofa in a gentle bottle-of-red-wine-induced haze. Aside from having to write my bloody column for America tomorrow and a 1pm kick-off in Burnley on Saturday, I have nothing to do until Monday afternoon's footy and drive home afterwards. If anyone in the vicinity reading this fancies beer or something then I'm open to suggestions! At this rate New Year's Eve will be spent on the sofa with three cats and a bottle of red wine (or two)… My sister's back off to Switzerland in the morning, so my drinking partner will be gone!


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