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Genentech has a Topical Hedgehog Antagonist in early stage clinical trials.

Sadly it's an anticancer drug, not a wildlife repellant.
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I now need to go and find stuff to put on my cat!
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OK - here's the final answers. First, the one that people really should have got.

16: The thought alone is killing me right now
Hey Ya by OutKast

Not at all obscure!

The Norwegian definitely deserves more explanation. It's a song called 'Kontroll på kontinentet' (Control over the continent) by Kaizers Orchestra. The line I posted, 'Den skal vær mann som kan gå med min hatt', is the first, and means 'One must be a man to wear my hat'. You can hear the song here. Go on, you know you want to.

The song is off their first album, called Ompa til du dør - yes, that really does mean 'Oom-pah till you die'. As recommended on Amazon by Tom Waits, no less... "Norwegian storm trooping tarantellas with savage rhythms and innovative textures. Thinking man’s circus music. Way out."

I saw them live in København with the Danish ex about three years ago, and they were great fun. They use some rather unconventional instruments, including a pump organ (played by a man wearing a gas mask, obviously), plus percussive oil-drums and wheels. Further listening can be supplied if anyone's interested (and [ profile] stu_n at the very least really ought to be!).

And finally... thanks to [ profile] tyrell, a long-but-very-amusing transcript of a conversation with a call centre. Inspired.
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While I'm at my mum's I'm stranded on dial-up. However, this was just too teeth-curling not to pass on.

Thanks to [ profile] 1phish2phish...

Godawful wedding poetry from the new Mrs Lleyton Hewitt.

Anyway, last I heard he'd only just split up from Kim Clijsters. And now he's got some bint from Home & Away up the duff!
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Heavy metal belly dancing.

Video clips and all.

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...well, what else is there to do other than surf the interweb at this time on a bank holiday Monday?

First... Spaniard invents washing machine that forces men to do the laundry. Interesting idea. But in my book, the laundry is the least onerous of the household chores. Now, if it were the iron...

And... Handbags between the News Shopper (local free paper in SE London) and the Lib Dems' national campaigns officer. Pair of them want their heads knocking together.


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