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The farewell to Southside Bar at Imperial on Saturday night proved as beery as expected. Five pints - pretty much a normal tally for me back in student days.

And me old mucker Sweep was still there, though living on a Tia Maria bottle now rather than a Martini one.

He helped me drink my beer, too.

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Thanks to imminent redevelopment of Imperial College halls of residences in South Kensington (I think a ball-and-chain will be involved, probably followed by a bulldozer), the student bar I worked in (and practically lived in) for seven years is closing.

On the odd occasion I've been back there in the past dozen years, it's essentially been the same, with the same manager and even some of the same people propping up the bar.

I have so many fond memories of the place - from Gerard Griffiths' drunken Tom Jones impersonations while standing on a table with a beer bottle microphone in his hand (I can hear it now - bl bl bl blllll bl blllllll a boy from nooooo-where - that was the only line he could ever remember) to the day I had my last exam when I drank 22 pints (couldn't do that in a week now).

Not to mention the Sooty, Soo and Sweep puppets who lived on the Martini optics and used to help me serve beer occasionally. They also got put through the washing machine every so often as they got a bit beery in the process.

Happy days.

They're having a farewell evening for old staff on Saturday 11th. I need to go, don't I?


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