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Why, when I work at home most of the time and almost never succumb to daytime TV, do I deem it acceptable to spend the morning watching Homes under the Hammer, Staying Put, Car Booty and Bargain Hunt? (Proof that I don't normally do daytime TV: I'd never even heard of the first three. And when did the permatanned David Dickinson get replaced in the fourth?!)

Who are all these people on Neighbours? And when did they start giving the episodes titles?

Why are jam doughnuts the perfect accompaniment to Earl Grey tea?

There was a shop in Dundee that sold big granny knickers and laminate flooring. I can't think of any sensible reasons why. Suggestions?

Why was the back entrance to Sheffield City Hall pretending to be a police station in last night's Silent Witness? And why did Leo get off a Virgin train from London, not a Midland Mainline one?

Random dodgy cameraphone photo #1: My new shoes. Next sale, half price. Bargain. Very Audrey Hepburn. And the 4" heel makes me quite marvellously, pointlessly tall. My vague excuse: I can wear them to my sister's wedding in October. Bit of backwards accessorising now required: will make finding a dress to go with more challenging. Ho hum.

Random dodgy cameraphone photo #2: My mother's cat Gus, indulging in his favourite pastime, eating. The size of his tummy is a bit of a giveaway.

Time to concentrate on Cash in the Attic now. My mind is turning to mush.


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