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I went shopping this morning to try and get some shoes without big heels – the only flat things I have are trainers, walking boots and scruffy slob-around mules. Everything else seems to have 3 to 4 inch heels. Not entirely ideal when you're nearly 5'11" to start with.

I failed. Came back with a pair of strappy sandals with 3-inch wedge heels.

At least I didn't add to the lingerie collection too, so it wasn't a total failure!

In penance, I'm now finishing a story for The Engineer about nano-porous active cathodes for primary lithium batteries.

I know what I'd rather be doing...

This amused me, though - Lordi take over Helsinki and 80,000 mad and dangerous Finns break the world sing-along record
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My (step)sister is getting married in October, and her wedding list is at John Lewis.

Many on-line stores don't even give you the option for Dr when you're entering your details. Not Johnny Lou-Lous. The choice is comprehensive. After the prosaic Mrs, Mr, Miss, Ms or Dr, it then starts alphabetically with Baron and carries on to Viscountess via such options as Brigadier (and a wide variety of other military titles), Duke, Judge, Rt Rev, Sir and even HRH.

They have a better class of customers, clearly.

Oh, and I finally got my new Chihuly hair-do icon. Good, innit?


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