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Snails: 41

Cumulative total: 168+2
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Snail count: 46
Bonus slug count: 2

Cumulative 2006 total: 127+2
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Snail count: 23

Cumulative 2006 total: 81
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I've just been snailing for the first time this year.

Didn't try very hard and still got 58 of the little bastards.

I think I need to keep a running count for the year!
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Just been out into the garden for the first time in a week (I've been away and busy) and the BASTARD SNAILS have eaten nine out of the 10 tomato plants I'd carefully nurtured from seed on the bathroom windowsill.

I am very very not happy.

They never normally touch the tomatoes. Bean seedlings, marigolds, all expected to be snail food. But tomatoes?

I now have to buy more from the garden centre. Don't have time. Will have to make time. And they never have the nice varieties I grow from seed.

fume fume fume

Will also be making time for a bit of revenge snailing later. They deserve their impending extermination.
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What else to do on a bank holiday but visit the garden centre?!

We did at least go to the pictures first - Hitchhikers' Guide (or Hitchhikers' Guild, as Greenwich Filmworks would have it). Then some bargainaceous bedding plants at B&Q (everything half price, can't argue with that!). Followed by some weeding and snailing in the sun in the garden.

Snail count = 486.

And I dare say we missed a few. Little bastards.


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