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...because I should be working, I've got deadlines, there are newspaper clippings and press releases spread out all over the living room floor, and my brain has decided that it can't be arsed with news writing. Hmmm.

I should have had a productive week, but it seems to have reached Thursday afternoon and it doesn't feel like I've done very much. On Monday, I went out for lunch with an old mate whom I've not seen in a while, and out for dinner with another old mate from uni. The latter was, theoretically, work – he was helping me with a feature. However, we talked work for about five minutes and spent the rest of the time drinking beer, eating curry and gossiping. Then on Tuesday I went to Cambridge. And after that, I'm struggling to work out quite what I've done, reading a whole month of the FT yesterday aside. I'm sure I must have done something useful. Just wish I knew what.

Oh, and [ profile] taikonaut moved in for three or four weeks on Sunday as his place has been rendered uninhabitable by builders. The cat is most happy to have someone new to get attention from.

And finally... this email from the receptionist at the department in Cambridge just arrived.

would the person who dropped their car keys down the lift shaft last
night, please come to reception

The mind fair boggles.


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