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Just stuck the telly on (to put the radio on).

It's on BBC1. And it's Chucklevision.

aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhh are they still going?! I know Barry Chuckle was in the tabloids recently for sex scandal purposes, but I thought they were long gone!

For those foreign types not unfortunate enough to have experienced them, clicky and be scared...
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Just watched the highlights of the V festival from Channel 4 last night, and it ended with a gloriously mad rendition of Suffragette City by the Scissor Sisters and Franz Ferdinand, who were sharing the stage with a selection of large furry animals. Brilliant stuff.

Before that, it was this week's Corrie omnibus (something else I can watch in the background to brainless work as it doesn't involve too much concentration). Great line from young Chesney - words to the effect of 'I can't wait to go back to school, I love bunking off'. The boy's a genius.

(yes, still bored)
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Countries the USA will not invade:
Cuba - too near
China - too far
France - no oil
N. Korea - too like Vietnam

A biting take on the murky world of PR. Joy.

Stephen Fry: brilliant as ever.

James Lance: sex on a stick.

Ticks all boxes for me...

Sadly no James Lance in my sitcom.

My LiveJournal Sitcom
Living With sarahx (UPN, 2:30): sarahx (Geoffrey Rush)'s office's air conditioning is broken, and gregmce (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) shows up to fix it. Later, surprisetruck (Keri Russell) and stu_n (Shaquille O'Neal) raise guinea pigs. Later that day, meetpaulblack (Bill Paxton) cheats on a test, and indovan (Vince Vaughn) finds out. Soon afterwards, misselaineneous (David Arquette) eats ephraim (Danny Trejo)'s raspberry cheesecake. Also, rockoctopus (Lisa Kudrow) gets 1phish2phish (Samuel L. Jackson) drunk. Insanity ensues.
What's Your LiveJournal Sitcom? (by rfreebern)
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Just got back from [ profile] burge's and watching her colleagues triumph most triumphantly on 'University Challenge' with [ profile] anw, plus added comestibles. A fine evening, if rather more sheep noises than strictly necessary. Don't ask. It'd ruin the mystical mystique.

Anyway, a boo and a cheer to the road system on my drive home from Cambridge.

Boo to the bastards who have sneaked not one but TWO new bastard speed cameras in at the bottom of the M11 since I last drove back from the university.

But a cheer to the engineers at the Blackwall Tunnel. Long term roadworks there mean it's been closed every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night for ooh, at least the past decade and a half, and it'll remain that way for the next century at least. Fortunately it's Monday so it was open (and the drive from Wanstead to Lewisham took less than 20 minutes instead of about 50). I was at first bemused when Radio FiveLive didn't turn into audio snow when I drove into the tunnel. Then the dawn of amazement - as part of the refurbishment they've put a radio transmitter in. Woooo!

It also meant I didn't miss any of the extraordinary discussion on biodynamic farming. Loads of bollocks like energy being channelled through cow horns into the meat. And you can only plant things on days when the moon is in the right star sign. Where do I begin? It scares me that people believe this rot.

They are now discussing 'has the bottom fallen out of the thong'. Ha.
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Why, when I work at home most of the time and almost never succumb to daytime TV, do I deem it acceptable to spend the morning watching Homes under the Hammer, Staying Put, Car Booty and Bargain Hunt? (Proof that I don't normally do daytime TV: I'd never even heard of the first three. And when did the permatanned David Dickinson get replaced in the fourth?!)

Who are all these people on Neighbours? And when did they start giving the episodes titles?

Why are jam doughnuts the perfect accompaniment to Earl Grey tea?

There was a shop in Dundee that sold big granny knickers and laminate flooring. I can't think of any sensible reasons why. Suggestions?

Why was the back entrance to Sheffield City Hall pretending to be a police station in last night's Silent Witness? And why did Leo get off a Virgin train from London, not a Midland Mainline one?

Random dodgy cameraphone photo #1: My new shoes. Next sale, half price. Bargain. Very Audrey Hepburn. And the 4" heel makes me quite marvellously, pointlessly tall. My vague excuse: I can wear them to my sister's wedding in October. Bit of backwards accessorising now required: will make finding a dress to go with more challenging. Ho hum.

Random dodgy cameraphone photo #2: My mother's cat Gus, indulging in his favourite pastime, eating. The size of his tummy is a bit of a giveaway.

Time to concentrate on Cash in the Attic now. My mind is turning to mush.
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...cos it turns out he's on the Kumars this evening.

I sincerely hope he's wearing more than a pair of puppies.


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