Sep. 4th, 2005 06:36 pm
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I just love the weather when it's like this. Just got home, and the car's claiming it's still 26°C out there. Glorious.

Lovely weekend, too. Spent much of yesterday wandering around Kew Gardens on a Chihuly-hunt. There's a fabulous exhibition of Chihuly glasswork on there at the moment, with lots of his amazing glass structures living with the plants, particularly in the big glasshouses. It's on until January, and if you get chance it's really worth a visit. They're going to be opening up in the evenings one week in October, too, I think, and I'll certainly have to go and see it all again lit up in the dark.

Many photos were taken, and at some point I'll get them downloaded and uploaded. Including redoing this icon - this sculpture, of the Sun, is in the foyer of the Princess of Wales Conservatory and was installed ahead of the rest of the exhibition back in February. This photo was taken with a mobile phone; more were done with a Canon EOS 50D yesterday. But it's not here, so it'll have to wait!

Today I've been running round a football pitch refereeing - the first match of the new season. Blackburn Rovers v Aberdeen 2 (supporters clubs thereof!). Very hot and sticky - I think I was in something of a minority thinking that was great weather for footy. I'm not in too much pain from all the running around yet - but I'm quite sure I'll be sore in the morning. As the only running I do is when I'm refereeing, I get rather out of condition during the summer!

I also filled the car up on the way home - a very painful £44-32. Ouch ouch ouch ouch. And that was having looked at all the prices at the petrol stations between here and Wandsworth Common so I could fill up at the cheapest on the way back. Though 'cheapest' hardly seems like the right word - I forked out 93.5p a litre at the Esso station in Forest Hill. It could have been worse - it was an astounding 96.9p at the BP in Tulse Hill. I wouldn't be surprised if it's gone over £1 a litre at some of the thieving bastard motorway service stations.

Time to go and investigate how the tomato harvest is going. I have a feeling there will be plenty of red ones this evening!


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